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Selling your Naples home? Here's how to get the best price!

It can be tough to get the highest possible price for your house while also making sure it doesn't take forever to sell.

As an experienced Naples-area real estate agent, I understand what it takes to navigate that process and help my clients through the journey. Here are just a few tips on how to make sure you get the best price when selling your home.

Focus on quality marketing
Effective marketing is a major key to selling your home quickly and getting the highest price. Smart, aggressive marketing of my clients' homes by every available medium is one of my top priorities. Reaching out to my database of contacts, making sure the listing has good exposure online, and gets in front of as many potential buyers as possible is key to helping you get as many qualified offers as you can. This allows you to achieve the highest price the market will bear.

Set the right price
One of the most important elements of marketing your home effectively is setting the price correctly. If it's too high, you won't get any offers and your home will take too long to sell. Set it too low, and you cheat yourself by not getting your home's full, fair value. But how do you decide on the right price? As an expert in Naples area real estate, I analyze the market and set area home prices every day. I'll work closely with you to assure that everything possible is done to get the highest price, in the time frame you need.

Looks go a long way
The condition and appearance of your home are also critical factors in getting the best price. I'll personally walk through your home with you and advise you of what you can do to properly stage your home most effectively. Some areas are much more important and more likely to pay off than others! Often, the buyer is motivated by emotional responses as much or more than financial issues. There are usually things I can point out to you that are easy and inexpensive, yet go a long way toward triggering those "buy" emotions. Curb appeal also makes a huge impact, as it's usually the first thing a potential buyer sees. First impressions are important when it comes to buying a house. Making sure the outside of your home is clean and well-landscaped is one of the best things you can do.

Negotiate like a pro
One of the most important reasons for using a professional real estate agent is the negotiation phase. Dealing with offers can be stressful and emotional for you as the homeowner, so it's important to have an experienced agent on your side. I've had experience with lots of different situations and feel comfortable representing my clients' best interests.

As your agent, I'll negotiate on your behalf throughout the entire process to ensure that your best interests are protected. Real estate negotiations and contracts can be intimidating in their complexity. Most people have almost no experience in these negotiations. After all, how often do you buy or sell a house? As a top real estate professional, getting you the best terms and prices in all negotiations is simply part of my job.

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